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iNAP® – Sleep well. Wherever you are.


Until now, people with sleep apnea had to forgo a lot of things. But this is no longer the case. With iNAP you are entering a new era in sleep apnea treatment. Whether you are on business travel in a hotel, or traveling around the world, iNAP will accompany you safely and reliably through life.



Natural Breathing
Natural Breathing

iNAP allows you to breathe through the nose naturally without blowing air into the body while sleeping.

Operation Without a Mask
Operation Without a Mask

iNAP works without having to wear cumbersome facial masks, belts or large hoses. iNAP is both easy-fitting and non-intrusive.

Superior Wearing Comfort
Superior Wearing Comfort

iNAP has a soft and flexible oral interface with thermal-memory material and one-size-fits-all design.

Compact and Travel-friendly
Compact and Travel-friendly

iNAP is incredibly light, small and compact. It fits in one hand and is therefore very travel-friendly.

Discreet and Quiet
Discreet and Quiet

iNAP console is silent when negative pressure is reached and maintained, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

Portable and Rechargeable
Portable and Rechargeable

iNAP is battery powered and ultra-portable for any situation, such as traveling by flight, camping, and mountaineering.

How it works



Somnics is honored to be selected for poster presentation at Sleep DownUnder 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. 17-20 October 2018

Somnics was honored having an oral presentation at World Sleep 2017. 7-11 October 2017

Somnics was invited to present iNAP® Berlin Vital Fall  on 21-24 September 2017

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