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Enhance Natural Airway Patency

About iBreath 

iBreath® is a comfortable device reusing the same design than iNAP’s Oral Interface, with same material. 

iBreath is designed to prevent mouth breathing and strengthen the tongue muscles.

To use iBreath, simply place it in your mouth and swallow it to create a "self-suction" effect. The oral negative pressure generated by iBreath helps slightly fixate the tongue in the upper jaw.

Key Features

iBreath is designed to prevent mouth breathing.

Regular use of iBreath will assist in developing the correct and natural method of nasal breathing and correct natural position of the tongue, offering the following benefits:

1. Breathe in Clean Air.
2. Maintain Optimal Oral Hydration.
3. Enjoy Better Sleep with Easy Breathing.
4. Safeguard Your Smile.
5. Enhance Your Facial Appearance.

How It Works
How to Use iBreath.png
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