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  • Is iNAP right for me?

You may be a candidate for the iNAP if you have been diagnosed with mild, moderate and(to) severe obstruction sleep apnea. The expected effectiveness should be conducted by a physician to reach the adequate efficacy of the treatment.

  • What's the difference between iNAP and CPAP ?

iNAP works without the use of an irritating, uncomfortable mask and works in an intelligent and intuitive manner by only working when the pharynx muscles relax too much. Through the application of gentle pressure, iNAP stabilizes the roof of the mouth for easier breathing and full, uninterrupted sleep. Unlike traditional CPAP machines, the iNAP system works without a facial mask or a bulky machine and instead uses a discreet soft oral interface and a pocket-sized console. The system provides a simple and intuitive user interface with a built-in rechargeable battery and an easy-to-clean saliva container, making it a perfect travel companion.

CPAP is a major treatment for OSA by providing positive pressure. It requires a mask to pass an adjusted air flow through the nose continuously during whole night in order to keep the airway open. Some CPAP machines have other features as well, such as heated humidifiers which may be applied to release uncomfortable dryness.

  • Can iNAP replace the CPAP that I use?

The iNAP is designed for enhancing patient's compliance rate by providing comfortable treatment experience and its compact and portability. It would be another OSA treatment option, especially for those who are annoyed by the bulky machine causing inconvenience, and who could not stand for the CPAP therapy.

  • How long the battery last?

It depends on user's using habit. In average, for iNAP Lite Sleep Therapy System, two new AA batteries can last 10~14 days (~8 hours per day).

  • How often I should replace the equipment?

Interface: Replace it every month.

Absorbent: Replace a new one after every use.

Saliva container: Replace it every 6 months.

  • Travel with iNAP?

The iNAP Lite Sleep Therapy System is lightweight and compact which can put into your hand-carry baggage and carry-on baggage as well.

If you're going to travel by the airplane, the iNAP Lite Sleep Therapy System will be your best company for OSA treatment. iNAP Lite Sleep Therapy System operates with two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, which is allowed transported by hand-carry baggage and carry-on baggage.

  • Can I go camping with iNAP Lite?

Yes, compact, portable and battery-powered are iNAP Lite Sleep Therapy System's features and benefits, which allows users having the treatment during camping. Only need to notice that keep the device away from the wet or direct sunlight place.

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