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San Francisco- iNAP, A New Sleep Treatment for Apnea is Launched

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Somnics Health announces the launch of iNAP Sleep, its innovative Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) treatment and service coinciding with the annual SLEEP 2021 Conference on June 10-13 sponsored by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Access to iNAP Sleep is now available in most states through a direct-to-consumer digital approach and through its partnerships with board-certified sleep physicians.

iNAP Sleep provides its members with iNAP®- a new therapy, onboarding, ongoing support, and an e-commerce platform, for its nightly OSA treatment alternative.

Olivier Lauzeral, General Manager of Somnics Health, states, "We believe that there is an unmet need for a large number of individuals who haven't yet been officially diagnosed with OSA. These individuals are aware that they have a sleep-breathing disorder, they may have heard of CPAP therapy or oral appliances and outright reject these most common sleep apnea treatments. We believe that when they discover the comfort, convenience, and form factor of iNAP, many will decide to pursue a diagnosis and treatment to address their sleep issues. Allowing more patients to be diagnosed and treated and live better lives is our main aspiration.”

The company's goal is to provide a “high-touch coaching program that maintains an adherence rate above 80% for its users,” said Lori Schulman, Director of Marketng and Patient Experience. iNAP is not for everyone; however, for most customers who are candidates and adhere, the treatment can be life-changing given the comfort, convenience, and simplicity. “As with any new therapy, some patients may take longer to acclimate. Through our dedicated coaching program, we will be able to bring more patients into full nightly compliance”, Schulman explained.

The company received FDA clearance in May 2020 and is the only FDA-cleared oral negative pressure technology for OSA on the market and is approved to treat all severities of OSA. With over 155 patents issued worldwide and 35 publications in peer-reviewed journals, this treatment option is backed up by solid clinical evidence and is significant to anyone interested in Sleep Apnea treatment.

"The sleep industry is ripe for disruption", continues Lauzeral. " I've personally been on the OSA patient’s journey, and coming from the tech world, I was frustrated by the way I was moved through the healthcare system. iNAP Sleep will provide sleep physicians and OSA patients with a new, patient-preferred alternative therapy that is simple, comfortable, effective, and easy to use. We are assembling a team of professionals who understand patients' mindsets through the diagnostics and treatment odyssey. Together, we are building a company that will provide superior care and outcomes."

Currently, most physicians prescribe Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP/APAP) as first-line therapy for patients diagnosed with OSA of all severity levels. But approximately 50% of patients quit CPAP due to intolerance, inconvenience, or lifestyle issues. CPAP involves a nasal or full-face mask strapped to the patient's face, a 6' long tube, and a pump that blows air all night into the mask. Most CPAPs require an electrical connection to operate and doctors rely on Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers for inventory and distribution. Unfortunately, most DMEs are not specialized in sleep care and do not focus on personalized patient coaching to improve adherence to therapy. Physicians need more tools in their medical toolbox to offer patients, as there is no one therapy appropriate to all patients.

About Somnics Somnics, Inc. was established in 2011 in Taiwan and in 2020 in the US and is in commercialization phase in a number of countries: Germany, Israel, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Australia. To find out more, including how to start with the iNAP Club, reselling opportunities, learn how it works, and read the broad clinical evidence, please visit


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